Selected Curriculum Vitae


Barrie West              Born Guildford, Surrey in 1944


Education and Career (CV/Biography)

1964 – 1967 Leeds College of Education
1967 – 1981 Art Teacher. Cleadon Park Comp. School, South Shields
1978 – 1981 B Ed (Hons) Sunderland Polytechnic
1981 – 2003 Head of Art , Springfield Comp. School,   Jarrow
1983 – 1988 B A (Hons) Fine Art, Sunderland Polytechnic
1992 – 1994 M A Art in Context, University of Sunderland
1992 – 1997 Chairman, Bede Art Gallery Management Committee

Exhibitions and Collections (Past Exhibitions)

1985  “What Creativity” Washington Art Centre (group)
1986  “Two Steps Back” Royalty Theatre, Sunderland (solo)
1986    Mural Commission Cherry Knowle Hospital, Sunderland (solo)
1987  “Green Fingered Exercise”  Royalty Theatre, Sunderland (solo)
1988  “Open to Print” National Competition and Tour (group)
1988  “Green Fingered Exercise”  Urbancraft Design Ltd. (collection)
1988  “Four Sunderland Artists” Broadway Educ. Development Centre (group)
1988  “Wearside Story”      Galerie des Franciscains, St Nazaire (group)
1989  “Sunderland Studios” Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland (group)
1989  “South Tyneside Open” Bede Gallery, Jarrow (group)
1989    European Art Schools Exhibition, Antwerp (group)
1992  “Festival of the Air” Washington, Sunderland (group)
1993   Art in the Metro   Newcastle (group)
1994  “Pieces of Eight” Tennants Auction Centre, Leyburn (group)
1994    NE8 Print Exhibition   Bede Gallery and tour.(group)
1994   “Secret Gardens” St Clare’s Hospice Collection (solo)
1995  “Art in the Caring Environment Marie Curie Cancer Centre (solo)
1996  “On the Corner”  Sunderland Artists Initiative (group)
1996  “Art in the Caring Environment Palmers Hospital Jarrow (solo)
1997    Jarrow Festival  Viking Studio Group
2004 “A Long Time Remembered”, Torre Abbey, Torbay (solo)
2007 “Origins” (Biography Series) Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, (solo)
2007 “Between Tides” Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, (solo)
2007 “I Only Asked” Biscuit Factory Art Gallery, Newcastle, (group)
2008  “EDAN at the Gates”, City of Durham (group)
2008  “Art in the Garden”, City of Durham  (group)
2008 Gerlingen, Germany. (group)
2009 County Hall, Durham (group)
2009 Castle Eden Dene (group)
2009 CD EDAN Archive, Seaham (group)
2009 Crook Hall, Durham
2009 Gerlingen, Germany, (solo performance)
2009 “Books in Mind”, South Shields Library
2010 “Local Views”, Joplings Dept Store, Sunderland
2010 “Local Views”, Lamplight Art Centre, Stanley
2010 “Sunderland, Looking Up”, Sunderland, ASSIGN (group)
2010 “Trace”, Washington Art Centre, Sunderland
2010 “Trace” Torre Abbey, Torbay.




My work is about identity, and it explores and attempts to understand the meaning of "being what you are".  By identifying and isolating incidents in our past, we can go a long way to explain the thoughts, feelings and actions of the present.

The work is a diary where the incidental and the traumatic jostle for attention in the eyes of a child or in the memory of an adult.

Each piece of work stands as a testament to the process followed to create the work. Sometimes the process may involve performance, working with found objects, painting, printing, in fact anything which will allow me to engage with the past.


Barrie West